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Travel abroad? Here’s how to choose the right travel insurance plan

Are you planning to travel abroad? Have you chosen travel insurance? Not yet? Well no worries. We have your back. It is absolutely true that when choosing travel insurance, there can be a lot of confusion around you. Different insurers, plans, and coverages can actually make it harder to decide and choose the best one for you. There are single trip packages and also annual multi-trip packages, which one to choose? Well, let us help you. Keep reading!

Two main types of travel insurance plans

There are two main types of travel insurance plans to choose from. One is a single trip travel insurance and the other is a multi trip insurance plan. Now, as the name suggests, Single Trip Travel Insurance will provide cover for single vacations of up to 180 days abroad. Single trip coverage would be the best choice for you if you are planning a vacation with family and friends and are sure it will be your only trip abroad this year. Then, as the name suggests, an annual multi-trip travel insurance policy will provide coverage for the full year for a single premium paid at the start of the policy. Since the policy is valid for one year, the insured can travel as often as he wishes, provided that each trip does not last longer than 90 days.

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Which travel insurance to choose?

Annual travel insurance begins on the date chosen by the insured and lasts for 365 days, regardless of the number of trips, unlike single trip coverage which begins on the day you leave your home country and ends on the day of your return. Both insurance plans offer protection against unexpected medical expenses, trip interruption and loss of luggage or passports. So now the deciding factor should be the number of trips you want to take in a year and also the duration of those. So, if you are someone who only takes a few trips a year with your family or alone, you can opt for one-way travel insurance. If you wish to visit more than once a year and accordingly is the duration, you should opt for a multi-trip insurance plan.

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