Insurance plan

This open house will answer all your questions about your personal insurance plan

The Mediterranean Insurance Brokers (MIB) are organizing a Open day June 14!

Taking place between 8 a.m. and 7 p.m., you can get advice from the experts themselves and even benefit from a reduction when subscribing to your contract on the same day.

MIB’s Personal Insurance Open Day is all about meeting you and making sure you’re covered no matter what. Serving finger food, giving gifts and giving you peace of mind in an informal atmosphere.

Even if you happen to have a renewal notice from another insurer, if you appoint MIBs as a broker, you will also be able to benefit from the discount they have going on!

Any policy taken out on the same day will need to be paid for as no credit will be allowed.

Individuals who wish to take out Personal Insurance but need to make changes to the basic contract can also come in and take out their contract the same day. However, non-standard policies would be subject to a benchmark deferral period.

All policies that were listed between May 16 and June 14 will automatically benefit from this discount. This reduction is only available for the first year of the policy, subsequent years will be charged at the normal personal insurance policy rate.

Interested? Contact the MIB now so they can start working on your policy!