Insurance coverage

The Siricilla weaver thanks the government for the extension of insurance coverage, KTR reacts

Posted: Posted Date – 3:54 PM, Sat – Aug 6, 22

Hyderabad: The Telangana government will extend insurance coverage to manual and power loom weavers under the Nethanna Ku Bima scheme from August 7 – National Looms Day.

Expressing his gratitude, Velde Hariprasad from Siricilla District wove a beautiful pattu sari thanking Chief Minister K. Chandrashekhar Rao and IT Minister K. Rama Rao. With their two portraits on the saree, he wove the pointers of the scheme in Telugu.

The 32-year-old weaver who has woven other sarees in honor of the state in the past also created a miniature loom to gift to the CM. It took her four days to weave this sari.

Appreciating his works on Twitter, Minister KTR wrote, “The handloom and loom weavers in #Telangana are true artists. Sri Velde Hariprasad of Siricilla expressed his joy at the launch of “Nethannaku Bhima” (Weaver Life Insurance) through this beautiful silk weave.

Telangana is the first state in the country to extend insurance coverage to weavers. Under the scheme, if a weaver dies due to illness or untoward incident, insurance of Rs 5 lakh would be offered, he said, adding that the Telangana government had pledged to ensure the well-being of the weavers of the State.

With the insurance coverage scheme in place, nearly 80,000 manual and mechanical trades and auxiliary weavers will benefit in the state. Insurance coverage would be extended to weavers in the age group of 18-59.