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Student travel insurance | Find out why buying student travel insurance is essential for children studying abroad

Know why buying student travel insurance is essential for children studying abroad

The Covid-19 pandemic has forced universities around the world to rethink their higher education strategies, but it is having little or no impact on the aspirations of international students who are still enthusiastic about their education plans at the stranger.

Risks notwithstanding, more than 91% of Indian scholars say they want to study abroad as soon as the situation eases. Although many are still reassessing their study abroad plans, students around the world say the outbreak has not been able to change their plans to graduate from top-notch universities abroad.

Indian students heading to foreign universities for higher education should ensure that they take out a student travel insurance policy.

In countries like the United States, it is mandatory for international students to have student insurance. Even if the university does not impose this condition, students must purchase this coverage for their own financial well-being. They will spend several years abroad and the cost of medical care tends to be very high in developed countries.

Most universities will probably insist that you have coverage. If you do not obtain one before you leave, you will need to purchase medical coverage facilitated by the institution as part of your course fees.

Even if the university does not impose coverage, you will benefit from it if you buy one. Your usual health cover will not help you if you fall ill while abroad. Unlike business or leisure travelers, you will spend more time abroad and will likely need medical attention at some point. In these times of pandemic, the risks have only increased. The cost of healthcare in countries like the United States, for example, is exorbitant and could wipe out your family’s savings if you need to be hospitalized for COVID-19 or other illnesses.

Additionally, student travel policies, unlike regular international travel coverage, also pay for other expenses. For example, missed flight connection, loss of luggage or passport. In the event of the unfortunate death of the sponsors – parents or others – who finance the tuition fees of the insured students, the insurer will pay the balance of the fees up to the sum insured. These policies also cover round-trip airfare for your parents if they need to visit you while you are in hospital.