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Seoul strives to set residency requirements of health insurance coverage for foreign dependents


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Family members of a foreign national other than spouses and minor children must reside in South Korea for at least six months to qualify for employer-sponsored medical insurance coverage in the country as as dependents, according to a revised scheme currently being studied by the health authorities.

According to the Ministry of Health and the National Health Insurance Service on Wednesday, the government is considering establishing guidelines for dependents of a foreign national for employer-sponsored health insurance coverage in Korea. .

Dependents are people who are added to the employer-sponsored health care plans of their children or family members.

The requirements for becoming a dependent are currently the same for Korean and foreign nationals. As long as certain income, property and care standards are met, foreign nationals who work in Korea-based companies have been free to register their family members who live overseas as dependents.

The government is therefore considering making it mandatory for dependents to stay in Korea for at least six months to be added to health care plans.

Since the change could affect the families of diplomats and expatriates, the government could exempt the spouse and minor children. Parents, adult children and siblings can register as dependents six months after entering the country.

The move to enforce stricter standards comes after President Yoon said in January that there were foreign dependents who had received 3.3 billion won ($2.46 million) in health benefits after paying only 10% of their medical bills and those who had several family members registered for their health. insurance, emphasizing the need to strengthen health care coverage requirements.

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