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Reasons to Buy a Super Supplemental Health Insurance Plan

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Insurance has always been an essential part of life. It secures the insured against various unforeseen medical expenses. But sometimes the coverage offered by standard health insurance plans may not be enough. No one knows what type of medical emergency you might encounter in the future; therefore, it is necessary to take strategic measures in advance. If you want to secure yourself financially in the event that your medical expenses exceed the maximum reimbursement amount for a given year, it is recommended that you invest in a super supplementary health insurance.

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For the uninitiated, it can be described as an extension of health insurance in which you have already exhausted your maximum claim in standard or company health insurance. You can rely on this plan when medical costs tend to rise. What differentiates the super complementary health insurance from complementary mutuals is that you only pay your deductibles once. Once the deductible has been paid, you can file several claims per year.

But that’s not the only benefit of investing in super add-on plans. If you’re still hesitating whether or not to invest in super supplemental insurance, the following reasons can help you make better decisions.

  • Provides better coverage for seniors

It is well known that older people are more vulnerable to diseases and certain conditions than their younger counterparts. Their medical treatment cost is also higher. This is one of the reasons why insurance plans covering the elderly usually come with high premiums. But there is a way out.

If you have a floating family plan that covers your dependent parents, you may want to consider investing in super top-up policies to act as an extra layer of security. A super supplemental insurance policy can provide enhanced coverage for your parents at a comparatively lower premium. So your parents will enjoy world-class treatment and you’ll have peace of mind.

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  • Medical costs keep rising

A quick online search of the medical inflation rate over the past few years will give you a good enough idea of ​​where things are headed. Everything becomes expensive, from medical consultations to medicines, from operations to tests. If the current medical inflation rate continues to rise, even your existing health insurance coverage may not cover your medical expenses. In such cases, having a great supplemental plan to rely on can save you money by covering the amount of the claim above the deductibles.

  • Take advantage of tax benefits on the plan

Standard health insurance plans aren’t the only options that give you tax benefits. Suppose you pay premiums for an insurance policy and you claim the premium paid as a deduction in your computer returns. In this case, you can increase the deduction by claiming an additional premium paid for super add-on plans.

However, there is a limit to the total amount that can be claimed as a deduction, so talk to your Chartered Accountant (CA) or other financial experts for detailed details. Generally, you can claim deductions of up to Rs 75,000 under the super recharge plans.

  • Saves you during unexpected events

How many of you predicted the advent of COVID-19? Well, nobody could. The pandemic hit the world population when no one could have expected something like this. The event resulted in huge medical losses, and many ended up exhausting their savings to get needed treatment.

As it happened once, now people should be prepared for such an unexpected event in the future. If you are already covered by group health insurance or standard health insurance, but you feel that the coverage is not sufficient, you can always count on a super supplementary health insurance. You can consider this policy as a savior during rainy days.

Not everyone can afford to maintain two standard health insurance policies because premium payments will become too difficult to maintain. But what if you could get coverage on top of your standard group insurance or health insurance at minimal premiums? Well, it is possible with the super add-on plan. Apart from offering a high sum of insurance for the policyholders, it also covers the gap that other policies have.

For example, if you are already covered by health insurance that does not include certain critical illnesses or AYUSH treatment costs, the super supplemental plan may cover them for you. This is probably the best insurance plan you can get in terms of coverage against a lower premium payment.

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Complement your standard health insurance coverage with super supplemental plans

Everyone wants a secure future where they can avail quality healthcare services without worrying about rising medical costs. Although the market offers many health insurance products, not all of them deserve your attention. Considering you want health insurance that offers maximum coverage at very affordable premiums, super supplemental health insurance policies are the best. You can get them from any popular and reliable insurer known for providing the best customer service.

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