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PJSC Sberbank: “Invest in Life” Life Insurance Strategies Produce Up to 11% Annual Return for Sber Clients

In August-November 2021, 5,500 Sberbank life insurance customers received coupon income on their SberCoupon. Invest in Life, an investment life insurance program, with returns ranging from 7.75% to 11% per annum depending on strategy, term and date of investment.

Global trends under the SberCoupon. The Invest in Life program became the most popular strategy in 2021, with around 21,000 people (77% of total contracts) taking out a policy. They invested more than 18 billion rubles. The basket includes shares of world leaders from all economic sectors: pharmaceuticals, telecommunications, oil and gas, production of game consoles and luxury goods.

Four and a half thousand SberCoupon. Investing in Life clients who have chosen the Global Trends strategy have received investment income of 77 million rubles since the beginning of the year. In August, the company paid around 38 million rubles to 2,000 policyholders under this basket (with the investment date of May 6, 2021), the annual return was 7.75% for five-year contracts and 8% for seven-year contracts. In November, coupon payments to 2,300 clients of Global Trends (with investment dates of October 8, 2021 and August 25, 2021) reached 39 million rubles, the annual return was 8.1% and 9 .6% for five- and seven-year contracts, respectively.

One in five (20%) chose the Best Pick basket in 2021 and received their first income in just a few months. Clients have invested a total of more than 5 billion rubles in this strategy. Released in July, the basket includes shares of the largest companies in the insurance, oil and gas, automotive, telecommunications and biopharmaceutical sectors.

As part of this strategy, the company paid out more than 14 million rubles in coupon income to 1,000 customers. The annual return, depending on the date of investment, ranged from 8.5% to 11% per year.

In December 2021, Sberbank Life Insurance will pay out RUB 45 million in coupon income to 2,200 customers under two SberCoupon strategies. Invest in life (with investment date of September 9, 2021). Of these, 2,000 Global Trends customers will receive coupons in the amount of 42 million rubles; 200 Optimal Choice customers will receive 3 million RUB. Investment income will be 8.5-11% per annum, depending on the terms and baskets selected (excluding currency revaluation).

Igor Kobzar, CEO, Sberbank Life Insurance:

“Sberbank Life Insurance relaunched its line of investment life insurance in 2021. It was important for us to increase the likelihood of a client receiving income. We achieved this by lowering the barrier to 90 % for the entire term of the contract for the main product.In addition, we have changed the frequency of revenue generation by adding quarterly observations to annual and semi-annual.Our bonuses show that the new conditions have not gone unnoticed.Since the beginning of the year, more than 26,000 people became holders of SberCoupon Investing in life insurance policies, and the total size of investments exceeded 23 billion rubles.To maintain relevance, we offer an increased coupon rate when buying a SberCoupon in SberBank Online until December 31.

Total life investment payments exceeded 91 million rubles in August-November. Automated payments are an advantage of the coupon strategy: money is credited automatically when a specific condition is met. When taking out an investment life insurance policy for five years or more, you can claim a tax deduction of 13% of your contributions under the agreement (no more than RUB 15,600 per year) .