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Life insurance coverage was a saving grace when my husband died suddenly at 37

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  • The tragic disappearance of my husband at the age of 37 has devastated me.
  • We didn’t have a will, but we each had life insurance coverage. These checks had been internet security once I had wanted.
  • I used the money from his life insurance coverage to buy myself a house and start rebuilding my life.

My husband and I only talked about what would happen if one of us died twice. One of these events occurred after we reviewed and assessed life insurance plans of his employer and mine. Then the dialogue was if certainly one of us is dead, not when.

It was found that when was a sunny day in June 2017.

My husband, Rémi, passed away unexpectedly just weeks after his 37th birthday, leaving me a crushed widow at the age of 31.

Rémi and I had always been a great team. We’ve lived an unprecedented life in our quick 11 years together, navigating global strikes, immigrating to Europe, and supporting each other through several career changes.

We had been united in our love of planning and the work of planning. And but, we had no plan for this, worst case scenario. When he died there was no will. However there was life insurance.

2 life insurance checks have been my internet security

In the nightmarish fog of those first weeks after my husband’s death, among the many administrative tasks and endless paperwork, there had been conversations with life insurance providerseach his own and mine.

I will always be grateful to our employers for the work they did behind the scenes to ensure that funds were disbursed at the right time. In the first month I received two checks from the insurance company, one in the amount of a full year of my husband’s salary and one in a much smaller amount through my own insurance plan, for help cover funeral costs.

The first check instantly went into the savings account we would allocate for a advance payment for our first home, which we were slowly but steadily contributing to over time. The second check helped me through the first six months as I adjusted my bills and lifestyle to my new single income, with the highest income in our family now gone.

To speak only of the logistics of abandoning my associate – and never of all the destruction I suffered abandoning the love of my life – amazingly, it could have been worse. And, it would have been worse, if our life script had been what it was even two years earlier.

In 2013, Rémi and I were under pressure to leave the good life we ​​had struggled to build in six years living in Switzerland. Our visas had been bluntly rejected once we reapplied that year, as we have done every year, and we quickly and painfully packed our lives, returning home to Canada bruised, unharmed. shock and unemployment.

If my husband had died once we resided in Switzerland, I might have been and not using a support system, left alone to navigate the sophisticated healthcare system in my third language, and would have been without doubt found with a huge hospital bill for unsuccessful rescue efforts. Any life insurance coverage could have been used to pay for hospital costs, bring his body back to Canada, and fund my resettlement. It would have been worse.

If Rémi had died just three years earlier, shortly after we returned to Canada, while he was looking for a job and getting back on his feet, and I was still working as a freelance dance artist, the situation would have been just as dark. There would have been no life insurance coverage, no regular income, no monetary security on the internet.

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I used the money to help rebuild my life

I’m not looking for silver linings once I think of the different methods it could have been worse. There are not any. The worst has happened. However, there are saving graces. Life insurance coverage was one of those saving graces.

Over the years, the savings account for a down payment on a home grew, and in 2020 I used the life insurance coverage and our previous savings to buy my first home.

I have taken small but necessary steps towards building a new life since the death of my husband. Leaving metropolitan life for buy my first house was more of a big leap than a small step. I now live in the safe internet that my husband’s hard work, dedication, and tragic death made possible. I live in the house that was supposed to be ours. It is our home.

I got life insurance coverage once I wanted it the most. Now, as a small business owner, I no longer have life insurance coverage. I can buy coverage as self-employed, but I don’t have dependents, so it’s not excessive in my priority folder. As I work to rebuild my life from the rubble of loss, I hope to have children in the future and I can make buying life insurance a priority when the time comes so that if the worse happens again, a minimum of there will probably be a saving grace in the type of an internet security.

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