Insurance plan

InLife offers a customizable life insurance plan

To provide higher life insurance coverage and living benefits to policyholders, Insular Life (InLife) launched Wealth Assure Plus, a customizable life insurance product with an investment component.

“InLife understands that the pandemic has raised awareness of the value of financial planning. With our products meeting the changing financial needs of our customers, we help our policyholders make the best plan for their lives,” said Gae L. Martinez, Chief Marketing Officer of InLife.

“Wealth Assure Plus meets the life and health protection, savings and investment needs of Filipinos, especially millennials with young families. This product adapts to our clients’ changing needs and priorities, so they can stay on track to achieve their financial goals,” she added.

Wealth Assure Plus provides enhanced protection benefits equal to at least ten times the annual regular premium or the fund value of the policy, whichever is greater. The plan also provides the opportunity to maximize potential earnings as the funds can grow faster due to its low cost of insurance and exposure to local and global stock markets for increased earnings potential.

Wealth Assure Plus can be set up as a simple unit-linked variable plan or customized with riders such as renewable term insurance, critical illness coverage, accidental death benefit and premium waiver. The product offers flexible payment and installment options and includes investment outlets that support the client’s personal risk profile.

This latest InLife plan is accessible and convenient with regular annual premiums starting at P10,000. The plan’s compressed payout option can help policyholders reach their financial goals faster.

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