Insurance plan

Former NBA star pleads guilty to defrauding league’s $5 million health insurance plan


No surprise law could lead to increased ER visits

Research shows that patients are more willing to use emergency services when unexpected bills aren’t an issue. …

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Is it wise to delay childhood vaccines?

Delaying vaccines is risky. Many pediatricians say a more phased approach to vaccinations is better than no vaccination, but they offer harsh advice for parents considering it. …

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62 studies don’t lie: little difference between Medicare and MA

With few exceptions, the highlights of KFF’s review reveal high parity across programs. …

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Judge appointed via nuclear option rules against DOJ in United-Change merger

Judge Carl Nichols, who previously worked at the Department of Justice (DOJ), gives the green light to the deal but demands the surrender of the key claims system. …

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Cleveland Clinic CSO discusses growth and priorities

Jim Cotelingam reflects on his first year as Director of Health System Strategy and considers future growth initiatives. …

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