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Do I need the insurance plan the water company is trying to sell me?

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If you’re a homeowner, you’ve probably received a letter from your water company asking for insurance to cover the cost of water main repairs. You might even have opened it, wondered if you needed it, then threw it in the trash until they sent another one in a few months. That’s okay, it’s not an easy call for most homeowners to make. Inquiries regarding sewers and water lines are among the most common questions we receive when these mailings are sent. We’ll answer questions and provide some tips below.

Do I need this type of coverage?
A broken sewer line in your yard can easily cost over $10,000 to dig up and fix. For this reason, service line coverage is something our agency recommends to all of our landlords. There are, however, better ways to get this coverage than the plan offered by the water company.

What about my home insurance, doesn’t it automatically cover this stuff?
A broken sewer line or water main in your yard would usually not be covered by a standard home insurance policy without the addition of a special endorsement. Standard coverage generally extends from the foundation walls inward and does not extend from the house to the property line or the street. Owners should at least be informed of their options and what is and is not covered by their policy so they can make an informed decision on what coverage they need.

Is there a better way to get coverage for all the service lines in my house, not just the water line?
Yes, most home insurance policies have some form of “Buried Service Line Coverage” or “Service Line Coverage” available as an option. This is a special hedging item that is usually not included automatically. Your home insurance policy coverage is superior to that offered by the water company because it covers all your utility lines including sewer, water, cable and not just water specifically. Coverage is usually cheaper when obtained this way and coverage limits are usually higher.

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