Insurance plan

Companies need a modern ‘insurance plan’ for tech recovery

Investigators and researchers are still learning the scale of the cyberattack that hit US government agencies and other victims around the world – AFP

Although billions are spent each year on cybersecurity solutions, as is the case each year by companies seeking solutions to the continual threats facing digital businesses, attacks continue to occur and make the one of the newspapers.

Seeking to prevent ransomware in particular, most organizations make mistakes by not preparing for “if and when” an attack occurs. Instead, these companies must embrace the concept of “business continuity.”

This forces companies to go beyond prevention and prioritize a strategic recovery plan. In this context, Cloud PCs serve as a modern “insurance plan” for business recovery, enabling secure access for employees from anywhere in the world at any time while IT managers investigate and mitigate. the damage.

Considering the importance of these preparatory activities for Digital diary is Amitabh Sinha, co-founder and CEO of Workspot.

According to Sinha, all businesses should consider themselves vulnerable to attacks, noting, “No one is immune to ransomware attacks – even top-tier organizations with massive security budgets have fallen victim to them. On average, a ransomware attack costs $4.5 million, but that doesn’t take into account one of the most financially devastating consequences: total loss of productivity.

Sinha says the haze of current threats is a reminder that most business continuity plans have a major gap. Sinha defines them as follows: “The chances of you being hit by a ransomware attack increase. On average, it takes a month to investigate and repair the damage, and businesses cannot afford that much downtime if they want to stay competitive.

Extrapolating this further, Sinha adds, “For a 1,000 person organization, the average lost productivity during a month of downtime can be over $10 million. And that doesn’t take into account damage to your brand reputation. »

Sinha says that instead, companies need to strategize against a future cyber incident today, recommending, “What’s your recovery plan to keep business going while you negotiate and rid the organization of malware? New approaches include Cloud PCs, which are imaged and kept up-to-date and idle in an isolated environment, serving as a modern “insurance plan” for immediate productivity recovery.

Expanding on this, Sinha says, “Within an hour of attack detection, employees can become productive again with their Cloud PCs, securely accessing the critical data and applications they need to run the business, continue to serve customers and mitigate damage to brand reputation. Cloud PCs are available for as low as $15 per user per month. Given the scale of the threat landscape today, the cost per user of implementing PC Cloud for ransomware recovery pales in comparison to the financial risk of 30+ days of lost productivity.