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5 dengue insurance plan benefits to ensure you stay protected this monsoon

Every year, thousands of people in India are affected by dengue fever. In 2021, India reported over 1.5 lakh cases of this vector-borne disease. Dengue fever treatment involves intensive care before and after hospitalization, which can be costly and very exhausting for an individual.

One can opt for dengue fever insurance coverage before the seasonal disease spreads this monsoon. It will cover the cost of treatment for this disease.

5 benefits of dengue fever insurance

Here are the important benefits you can get by staying covered under a dengue insurance plan:

1. Financial protection against processing fees

Policyholders will not have to dip into their savings to bear treatment costs after being diagnosed with dengue fever. Insurers will cover all medical expenses, including drug bills, doctor’s fees, intensive care costs, etc. Thus, purchasing a dengue fever insurance policy can add a financial cushion to a person’s savings.

2. Profitable bonuses

A stand-alone insurance policy covers only one illness; individuals do not need to spend a large sum to purchase this insurance plan. It comes at an affordable premium.

3. Reimbursement for any diagnosis

Diagnostic tests for dengue symptoms can be expensive. However, being insured, individuals do not have to bear the amount of their savings. They can also claim expenses incurred due to diagnoses made during treatment.

4. Payment of pre- and post-hospitalization costs

Insured persons may claim reimbursement of expenses incurred during the pre- and post-hospitalization period. Pre-hospitalization coverage allows them to reimburse medical expenses incurred during the period. While, within the framework of post-hospitalization benefits, the treatment costs incurred after the patients’ discharge remain covered.

5. Coverage of rent for hospital rooms

A dengue fever insurance policy also covers hospital room rent/intensive care costs. The dengue scheme covers the rent for hospital rooms. Up to Rs. 1,000 per day for normal room and up to Rs. 2,000 per day for intensive care.

With all of these benefits, individuals can ensure optimal financial protection against the rising cost of dengue treatment.

In addition, the monsoon, the ideal breeding season for mosquitoes, creates a wide spread of dengue every year. Thus, individuals should ensure that they remain covered by the policy before the start of this season.

They can buy Dengue Cover on the Bajaj Finserv portal. It allows them to enjoy all the benefits mentioned above at an affordable price. They should also be aware of the benefits it provides.

Features of Bajaj Finserv Dengue Cover

Here are some major benefits that this dengue fever insurance policy offers:

· Nominal bonuses

Individuals can obtain the Dengue Insurance Plan for a nominal annual premium.

· Easy claims process

To claim the benefits of the policy, they only have to make a call or an email to the insurer.

· Extended coverage

The insurer covers all costs incurred 15 days before and after hospitalization.

· Coverage for malaria

Insured persons can also claim all benefits if they are diagnosed with malaria.

Dengue fever becomes a serious concern during the monsoon as it spreads rapidly during this season. The dengue fever insurance policy allows individuals to remain financially protected from the expense of treating the mosquito-borne disease. They can get proper treatment and medication without worrying about their finances.

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