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What will OFWs get from POEA’s enhanced insurance coverage?


Posted at 01 April 2022 16:45

MANILA – Directly Hired and Returning Overseas (OFW) Filipino workers will now be included in the compulsory insurance migrant workers, the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) said on Friday.

Previously, only migrant workers hired by agencies were covered by the insurance program, said POEA Administrator Bernard Olalia.

“There’s everything there is to know about… The Migrant Workers Act means mandatory coverage insurance is mandatory for agency hires,” Olalia told a public briefing. .

(This is the response to the missing provisions of the Migrant Workers Act where mandatory coverage insurance was granted only to OFWs hired by the agency.)

“Mayroon tayong tinatawag na direct hires, sila po yung hindi sakop ng [batas] can be seen as protection against pandemic… with improved coverage, kasama na sila in compulsory insurance,” he added.

(We have direct hires and they weren’t covered by law. For added protection against this pandemic, Enhanced Coverage happened and they are now included.)

Among the advantages of migrant workers are the following:

  • OFWs who will be injured during their line of service or will be permanently totally disabled can get at least $7,500.
  • Surviving relatives or OFW beneficiaries who died of natural causes while working abroad can get at least $10,000 or P500,000.
  • Surviving relatives or beneficiaries of OFWs who died as a result of an accident while on the job may receive at least $15,000.

The full list can be read here.


According to the POEA circular, all licensed recruitment and placement agencies in the country and their employers must offer insurance coverage to “all OFWs which will include all acts or incidents considered force majeure and all health problems”.

This includes “all human-made risks and perils on the job site or in the country of destination” which will be added to the minimum cover for all OFWs.

The POEA has declared that the following disabilities will be considered permanent if:

  • There is total or complete loss of sight in both eyes.
  • There is loss of 2 limbs at or above the ankles or wrists.
  • There will be permanent complete paralysis of 2 limbs.
  • There will be brain damage resulting in brain imbecility or insanity.

Olalia said OFWs would not pay for the insurance because it has to be paid for by their foreign employers or directors.

“He is an employer or a principal, kapag hindi binayaran, an agency and a sasagot, he is an agency man,” the official added.

(The employer or principal must pay. If they cannot, the agency will.)

The public, he noted, should consult the list published by the Insurance Commission and their agency to determine whether their placement agency or an insurance provider is legitimate.

Recruitment and placement agencies that have not complied with or violated the provisions of the insurance policy will be sanctioned or may be blacklisted.

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