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What does comprehensive coverage entail in a health insurance plan?

After nearly two years of closure, many Indians now feel empowered to travel abroad without putting others around them at risk. On the other hand, even the world is starting to open up again as new daily covid cases go down. As of November 11, 2021, only 572,992 new cases have been reported worldwide. A few months earlier, in July 2021, around 54 million tourists had crossed overseas borders. So maybe the time has come to go abroad again. As you venture out into the world, having access to pre-planned, quality healthcare becomes a must. For this, a health insurance in India can give you considerable support.

Why do you need to get global health insurance?

When you land in a new country, everything is new. You are unfamiliar with the people around you. So you usually don’t know who to contact for help, for example, when you get sick and need treatment at a good hospital. At such times, a global health insurance plan comes to the rescue. It follows exactly what the Constitution of India obliges the central government to ensure. That is to say the right to health for all.

But why opt for this insurance and not travel insurance? A travel insurance plan is only available for a specific period. It does not provide coverage for planned hospitalization for a medical procedure in a hospital abroad or cover pre-existing conditions. Also, when you are back in your state, you cannot get insurance coverage for any medical treatment.

However, you don’t have to worry about being deprived of such extensive insurance coverage when you choose a comprehensive health insurance plan in India. That is why these health insurance policies are gaining popularity almost everywhere. They provide much-needed assurance of health care support to the multitudes traveling abroad, not only as tourists, but also for work, overseas education and high-quality medical treatment. quality for serious illnesses.

Comprehensive health insurance plan facilities

People who travel for work will generally be paid the premium for this insurance by the employer. This in itself is very advantageous! Additionally, the plan will also cover medical costs in your home country. So you can save on paying for a national insurance policy and get consistent benefits everywhere. But that’s not the only facility you can enjoy. Here are some other useful facilities of global health insurance plans in India:

Flexible coverage: This feature ensures that regardless of the cost of treatment, you can get insurance coverage without compromise.

Hospitalization: You can also enjoy coverage for hospital bills. This is useful because you may not have someone to look after you at home abroad.

Coverage for pre-existing conditions: Suppose you already have diabetes or some other chronic disease. Global health insurance will also cover the cost of treatment for these illnesses.

Medical evacuation coverage: Medical transport costs for ambulances etc., which are usually expensive abroad, are covered.

Operation: The costs of anesthesia, pre and post-surgical care are all covered.

Emergency visits: You can also get coverage for urgent medical care.

Ambulatory care: Even if you need a hospital stay of less than a day, you don’t have to worry about the costs.

Diagnostic: You may be eligible for coverage for doctor’s consultation fees and even certain types of recommended lab tests.

Other needs: The insurance plan will also cover costs for other medical needs like maternity care and treatment procedures that you are already undergoing.

Repatriation or evacuation: This is to arrange transport to your home country in case you fall ill. You may need such an arrangement if the country you are visiting does not offer the medical service you currently need. With a comprehensive health insurance plan, you can return to India, get treatment and cover medical expenses.

Benefits offered by ManipalCigna Lifetime Health – Global Plan

ManipalCigna Lifetime Health – Global Plan offers all the benefits of an ideal global insurance policy to support as it offers a high value-based offer and value-based pricing. These are the benefits:

– High level of protection with sum assured ranging from Rs.50 lacs to Rs.3 crores

– Covers treatment costs on an indemnity basis and includes modern treatments like robotics/Cyberknife and mental care

Cashless hospitalization abroad for up to 27 serious illnesses. You can choose to cover only cancer or all 27 major diseases for international treatment

Another unique feature of Global Coverage is having no mandatory diagnostic condition in India which means that treatment for the 27 major covered medical conditions can start from anywhere in the world and not basically from India only or on referral from an Indian doctor.

The plan also allows you to choose the coverage area in the global plan – worldwide excluding or including the United States and Canada.

First of its kind, Continuity of benefits on the whole of the Insured capital chosen in portability. For those with an existing sum insured (excluding bonus) of Rs. 10 lacs and above

Waiver of the premium for one year of insurance, in the event of the occurrence of one of the eventualities covered.

Loyalty premium discounts on the renewal premium applicable from the 4th year of insurance until life.

15% family discount on coverage for 2 or more family members under one individual policy.

If you pay the renewal premium via NACH or a standing instruction (where payment is made by direct debit from a bank account or credit card), you may qualify for a 3% discount on the renewal premium

Adult health check (annual) from the first year of insurance

– Extended coverage for family members including parents, children, spouse and dependents

– Critical illness rider and various needs-based value coverages including Health+, Women+ and Global+ available at an additional premium payment

– Premium paid applicable to tax benefits under the Income Tax Act, Section 80D

For more detailed information on key features and terms and conditions, please read the product brochure and policy wording on the insurer’s website.

You can now see the need to buy a global health insurance plan in India before traveling abroad to protect your health. Therefore, consider opting for such a plan from a trusted health insurance provider like ManipalCigna.

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