Insurance coverage

Students are encouraged to purchase PhilHealth insurance

SEN. Christopher Lawrence “Bong” Go has called on the government to make it easier for students to attend face-to-face classes, as he urged students to take advantage of Philippine Health Insurance Corp insurance coverage. (PhilHealth), which is granted under Republic Act 11223 or the Universal Health Care Act.

“You know, let’s not charge our compatriots to go back to school,” Go said in Filipino on Tuesday.

“They are already in a difficult situation because of our transition when we adopted distance learning. And now our compatriots will face another difficulty when they return to face-to-face learning. compatriots,” he said. added.

According to Resolution 164 of the Interagency Task Force for the Management of Emerging Infectious Diseases, only fully immunized students with health insurance coverage are permitted to attend in-person classes, which have been authorized by the government in areas under Alert Level 1 Universities and colleges in areas under the classification can hold physical classes at full capacity.

Go clarified that the insurance requirement doesn’t have to come from a private provider, saying students ages 21 and older can enroll in PhilHealth if they can’t afford to pay. higher premiums.

In the meantime, students under the age of 21 may be considered dependent on their parents or legal guardians.

Despite these demands, Go stressed that getting vaccinated can be considered the “best insurance” and a viable way to better protect Filipinos against the virus at the moment, adding that it offers protection against the risk of contracting Covid. -19.

“One last thing, I urge our compatriots to get vaccinated. The vaccine is the insurance for now, and nothing else,” Go said.

“Once you are vaccinated, you are more assured not only on paper but your health is more assured. You can no longer be infected or get sick and die from Covid-19,” he explained.

Go once again stressed the importance of ensuring the safety and health of students and educators.

“So, I appeal to our compatriots to get vaccinated. This is the only key or solution and assurance that we can return to normal, especially students who need to return to learning in face-to-face,” he said. .

“However, you must prioritize the health and life of every youngster before sending them back to their class. It’s difficult if their life is in danger. Stay-at-home parents will be concerned about the safety of their children while they are away. This is what our authorities must ensure,” Go added.