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NYIC Applauds Board Member Hanif’s Introduction of Reso Demanding Health Insurance Coverage for Undocumented Immigrants

Today, Council Member Shahana Hanif, alongside Council Members Francisco Moya, Shaun Abreu, Linda Lee and Lynn Schulman, presented a resolution asking the New York State Legislature to pass A880A/S1572A also known as Coverage for all Act.
If passed, this legislation will allocate $345 million to create a quality, affordable health care plan for the estimated 150,000 undocumented low-income New Yorkers.

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Inspired by similar plans in California, Minnesota and Illinois, this plan would save the state $19 million and potentially hundreds of lives each year.

With dozens of co-sponsors on the House and Senate versions of the legislation, the Council’s resolution adds pressure on Albany to take action to address the needs of working-class immigrants before the budget deadline. imminent.

“The resolution from Council Members Shahana Hanif, Shaun Abreu, Linda Lee, Francisco Moya and Lynn Schulman comes at a critical time in our coalition’s battle for health care justice for New York’s immigrant communities,” said Murad Awawdeh, executive director, New York Immigration Coalition. “Each of these leaders embodies the incredible diversity of our city and understands the terrible costs that blocking health care coverage can bring. We thank the NYC Council for standing up not only for New York immigrants in their districts , but across the state.We call on Governor Kathy Hochul and the state legislature to listen to these leaders and include coverage for all in the state budget.

“The Coverage for All Plan will improve health outcomes for millions of immigrants and save our state millions each year. This is not just morally sound legislation, it is smart public policy,” said Council Member Shahana Hanif. “For nearly two years, during the COVID-19 pandemic, thousands of low-income, undocumented workers have been essential to our state without just compensation. The historic Excluded Workers Fund saved many people from losing everything, but it is laws like Coverage for All that will fundamentally transform the lives of thousands of working families. I am proud to present this resolution alongside my colleagues on the Council and to make it clear that this Council knows that the rights of immigrants are human rights. »

“Two years into this pandemic, a quarter of a million New York immigrants are still uninsured, despite being disproportionately affected by the health and financial consequences of the pandemic,” the Comptroller said. Brad Lander. “Our state has the opportunity to expand health care coverage for all, which will be a boon to our recovering economy and to working families. My office’s analysis found that insuring these New -Yorkers would bring a total of $710 million in annual economic benefits, including gains in life expectancy and work productivity that could save 55 lives a year and 1.5 million hours of work Families will save collectively $20 million a year in health care costs and health care providers would save $19 million a year on avoidable and costly ER visits This is a win-win situation for our city and our state, and it’s time to move on to coverage for all.

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“If COVID-19 has taught us anything, it’s that our community can’t stay healthy unless we all stay healthy,” said Council Member Shaun Abreu, Chair of the Committee on Health. federal and state laws. “Tragically, too many of our neighbors and loved ones – people who have lived here most of their lives, who pay taxes and who helped build New York as we know it – have been denied access. to affordable health care. Government inaction has left hundreds of thousands of New York immigrants without insurance, but we have the ability to change that. As Chairman of the Council’s Committee on State and Federal Legislation , I am proud to call for the passage of the Coverage for All Act and bring vital coverage to this state.

“COVID-19 has devastated New York City, and especially our immigrant communities,” said Linda Lee, Board Member and Chair of the Mental Health, Disabilities and Addictions Committee. “Community organizations were forced to step in to provide essential care and services to thousands of New Yorkers who lacked basic medical coverage. New York State now has the opportunity to not only dramatically improve the lives of our working-class immigrant families by providing quality, affordable health care through the Coverage for All Act, but also to ease the financial burden on our hospitals and emergency rooms which continued to do their job and care for people who could not afford to pay for their services. Thank you to my colleagues and to the leadership of Board Member Shahana Hanif for bringing forward this resolution.

“Health is a human right. As chair of the City Council’s Health Committee, I am proud to join my colleagues in prioritizing the health of all New Yorkers, regardless of immigration status,” said Lynn Schulman, member of the board. “COVID-19 has drained the city’s workforce, especially those who were undocumented and essential to keeping the city’s economy afloat during the height of the pandemic. The state can recognize the sacrifice of these workers by enacting the Coverage for All Act.

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