Insurance coverage

Covid-19 claims should be part of insurance coverage, private hospital association says

The Private Hospital Association of Malaysia urges all health insurance stakeholders with the help of the Life Insurance Association of Malaysia (LIAM) and the General Insurance Association of Malaysia (PIAM) to reconsider restrictive claim benefits for their clients with Covid-19. Current daily Covid-19 numbers are less than 5,000 per day and the national Covid-19 infectivity rate or Rt value is 0.70.

The percentage of intensive care patients receiving intensive care treatment for Covid-19 has dropped significantly. This, combined with the high percentage of the population vaccinated, with boosters, would prevent admission to intensive care. This will reduce the risk of high claims to a minimum amount.

We are of the opinion that all patients with medical cards should be treated as normal patients as before the pandemic, even if they tested positive for Covid-19. However, medical advice will be required on whether to proceed with certain procedures and treatments in the event of Covid-19 infection. There are cases that may require urgent treatment despite being infected with Covid-19, but some insurance policies will deny a letter of guarantee in a private hospital, so these patients may need to be transferred to a government facility. .

The Private Hospital Association of Malaysia has been in communication with LIAM and PIAM, but the final decision on policy rests with the insurance companies.

The recent announcement to remove testing before arriving as tourists or returning Malaysians to the country is welcomed as it further eases travel restrictions for medical tourists. However, private hospitals will perform relevant tests on patients before any admission or surgery. Most private hospitals will continue their own internal standard operating procedures in the management of patients with Covid-19 and practice safe practices to prevent spread among patients and healthcare workers.


President of the Association of Private Hospitals of Malaysia