Insurance coverage

Advocacy group pushes bill to require insurance coverage for hearing aids

ALBANY — An advocacy group pushing for legislation to mandate insurance coverage for children who need hearing aids met with lawmakers on Capitol Hill Monday to urge the legislature to take action on the measures .

The group, Let’s Amplify NY, noted that insurance companies are not required to reimburse policyholders for doctor-prescribed hearing aids, leaving some families with costs of up to $5,000 to purchase hearing aids. which often need to be replaced every two years.

Dr. Jason Mousakes, a pediatric otolaryngologist affiliated with Albany Medical Center, said his patients “often struggle to fund their much-needed hearing aids.”

“A soon-to-be-published study that myself and MD candidate Tyler Ostrowski found that only 10% of families with children at high risk of hearing loss follow up for diagnosis and treatment, largely because financial problems,” Mousakes said. added in a press release.

Congresswoman Michaelle C. Solages, D-Elmont, sponsor of the bill, said the legislation would ensure “families are taken care of” regardless of income level.

“We paid about $35,000 for hearing aids for our two children because we don’t receive any reimbursement from our health insurance policy, despite paying thousands of dollars in insurance premiums each year,” said said Rosemary Queenan, mother of two tough-aged children. hearing, said in a statement released by the group. “We are fortunate to be a two-income household, but many families are forced to choose between paying their bills and paying for hearing aids.”